Smart Home technology
that is created especially
for the mass installation

SenseHome QJ


SenseHome QJ is based
on Self-Programming
сoncept which consists
of 7 levels:

Design Phase
  1. 1 Creating source
    data of project
    from a blueprint
  2. 2 Creating source
    data of project
    from simple
    electronic form
  3. 3 Creating source
    data of project
    from list of
    linked objects

Every level has an automatic generation
of data used by the next level

Programming Phase
  1. 4 Automatic generation
    and creation
    of Program source code,
    Switchboard Assembly
    and Wiring diagrams
  2. 5 Automatic generation
    and creation
    of environment for Apple
    HomeKit, Xiaomi MiHome

    and other IoT Smart Home
Usage Phase
  1. 6 Adaptive lighting
    and climate real-time
    predicting customer
    to minimize
    the number of extra actions
  2. 7 Self-learning system
    using statistic
    data to reach maximum
    and let the
    customer do not think
    of it at all

Levels 3 to 6 are developed and proved to be useful.
Levels 1, 2 and 7 are currently in developing.


  • 4 years on the CIS Market
  • Over 100 installations on the B2C market. More than 1000 home automation controllers sold.
  • 3 residential real-estate developers in Russia and Kazakhstan
  • 70% of the installations are completely remote, never meeting neither with the customer nor with his workers

Finalists of the international acceleration programs:

  • GenerationS 2015
  • StartUP Kazakhstan 2018
StartUp Kazakhstan GVA (Global Venture Alliance) GenerationS RVC (Russian Venture Capital) Skolkovo


  • Ready-to-use
    automation switchboard,
    shipped as a completely
    ready-to-use solution
  • Package
    of colored documentation
    Shipped along with it designed
    for ordinary electricians without
    special qualification

Try SenseHome Now!

We are testing all releases of our system on ourselves,
where our future clients are working as testers.
You can also try out our system right here.
Turn on the light, open the curtain and let the train roll.

It is in Russian now, but do not worry,
you will not break anything.

Try to control it with your smartphone or tablet, the link is in the QR-code.
If you want to open the UI in the new window, use this link.
click here

About Us

We have more than 15 years
of experience in automation
We are developing
both hardware
& software
We have been
developing SenseHome
for 6 years
Alexey Siluanov, CEO, key account manager, business development,

an expert in marketing.
Over 18 years of experience

in the field
of automation.
Education: Moscow State Aviation

Technological University
Oleg Shikunov, CTO, business development and system
architecture specialist.
14 years of experience
in the field of automation.
Education: Master's degree in IT

of Moscow State Aviation
Technological University
Andrey Lutkov,

17 years of work in the field
of automation, over 10 years
of experience as a designer
of automation systems.
Education: Bauman Moscow

State Technical University,
the engineer in "Computer Systems,
Complexes, and Networks"
Dim Utarbayev,

system architecture specialist.
Over 13 years of experience
in the field of automation.
Education: Master's degree in IT

of Moscow State Aviation
Technological University
Andrey Lensky,

circuit designer engineer,
7 years of experience in the field
of automation.
Education: Master's degree in IT

of Moscow State Aviation
Technological University


Joshua Bartlett U.S. Department
of State

As an International Trade Specialist at the U.S. Department of Commerce, I had the pleasure
of accompanying Alexey Siluyanov, the CEO of SenseHome, on a three-week study tour
of startup ecosystems across the United States.

Alexey conducted himself as a professional, and he effectively pitched his company
to venture capitalists, accelerator and incubator program managers, and real estate
developers. As with any startup, there is room to grow and refine, so I feel that the time
spent in a U.S.-based program will help to take them to the next level.

Alexey has spoken to me about the composition of his team, and I am confident that this
is a team of learners and doers, and they would highly benefit from U.S.-based incubator
and accelerator programs. I have provided my phone number and email below if you have
any questions or require any additional information.

Tanner Johnson U.S. Department
of Commerce

Alexey and his team have a potentially great IoT product for the
property/utility/construction industry, due to its ease of installation and lower price,
along with its potential integrated uses.

They need help in identifying their target market in the U.S., and refining their product,
marketing and pitch to go appeal to the appropriate part of the U.S. home IoT market.

They will also need to distinguish themselves from well-known competitors like Nest
if they want to find success in the United States.

I feel these are the types of subjects that can be effectively addressed through many
acceleration programs, and potentially make SenseHome an excellent candidate